The Miami Language Institute has several language programs, but all of them share the same goal. Learning and developing the whole spectrum of competencies needed to develop language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

The main difference among programs is the target language, speed, and style of teaching. The Institute has so far three different programs: Alandalus program (Arabic), Cervantes program (Spanish), and English programs (Shakespeare program).

After completing the course, students will receive a certificate issued by the MLI stating the level and number of hours completed. Our teachers and instructors are certified teachers by established universities with a master’s degree or Ph. D.

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Cervantes Program

  • The Cervantes program is an intensive language program that provides you with advanced Spanish skills to speak fluent Spanish after 168 hours of guided instruction divided into six levels.
  • The program recreates as much as possible the experience of being in Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries by recreating real situations such as booking tickets, renting an apartment, or speaking about current topics that are relevant to Spanish language speakers.
  • Since the first session, students have been speaking, writing, and listening to Spanish. The method uses video, audio, and texts to enhance your virtual immersion in the Spanish language and culture.
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Alandalus Program

  • The Alandalus program is an intensive Arabic program aiming to give you the essential skills needed to speak fluent Modern-Standard Arabic in 168 hours of guided instructions divided into six levels.
  • Learning Arabic is a complex process that requires knowing the Modern-Standard Arabic and the oral and dialectical languages spoken in the Arab world. The program will introduce students to Egyptian and Levantine dialects, the most popular today in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Imagine visiting an Arab market or souq, sharing a meal with an Arab family, visiting museums, or speaking about modern Arab composers, poetry, politics, and literature with Arab speakers around the MENA region. The method uses video, audio, and texts to enhance your virtual immersion in the Arabic language and culture. 
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Shakespeare Program

  • The Shakespeare Program is an English program designed to provide you with the advanced English skills you need to succeed in your personal, professional, and academic life.
  • English has become the most important language at the international level. As a result, hundreds of thousands of migrants worldwide plan to live, visit, or work in the United States, the UK, or other English-speaking countries.
  • The Shakespeare program will provide you with advanced English skills to impress your peers, professors, managers, and supervisors, opening you the doors to endless possibilities. The program takes 168 hours to complete, divided into six different levels.   
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